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The Tacoma Seafarers’ Center is a Christian non-profit organization serving the seafarers who call at the Port of Tacoma. We exist to minister to the seafarers spiritual, physical and emotional needs. Our ministry spreads the saving gospel of Jesus Christ globally through seafarers.

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Tacoma Seafarers’ Center endeavors to bring peace to the world through serving the dedicated seafarers of the world. We welcome you to join us in our efforts to reach the world coming to our doorsteps.

Please visit our photo galleries to get an idea of the ministry and the men and women of the sea whom we meet day in and day out.

Our newsletters give a brief snapshot of the experiences we are blessed to have each month. Feel free to contact us.


Paul Peterson


The world comes to our doorstep. Here we share the love of Jesus and the seafarer shares this love with friends and family around the world.

For further information and involvement contact:

Tacoma Seafarers’ Center
1118 Port of Tacoma Road
Tacoma, WA 98421
Phone: 253.272.0716

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